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Romantic Flower Bouquets & Baskets

Adding romantic flower bouquets and flower girl baskets to your wedding in Hawaii complements the colorful nature of island living. Our romantic flower bouquets are unique and made from your choice of the most gorgeous blooms. Whether you want them for centerpieces, bridesmaids, or flower girls, you will always find flowers to go along with any themes—whether you are after a contrast or to match.

We proudly specialize in custom bouquet designs which allows us to be flexible to whatever shades or varieties that will accentuate your unique wedding style or chosen color palette. Our romantic flower bouquets are only limited by your imagination.  You can go for petite, refined and manicures, or even bushy and as full as you want –the choice is yours. Let your creativity come to the fore and choose from the simple, elegant, exotics, or flamboyant. 


Think about endless ribbon fabric options, glass beads, and other accessories you can use to finish up the look of your bouquet. Whichever you go for, there is always a full, lush posy of gorgeous blooms in the colors of your wedding. 

Contact us for a custom order today.  You can also check off the wedding bouquet box in your wedding reservation, and we will be in touch for all the details. 

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