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Haku Leis

Feel like a queen with a crown of flowers on your Hawaii beach wedding and vow renewal. You can go for white Haku Lei, or you can take your pick of blooms for a custom Haku Lei. Haku Leis allows you to capture the spirit and the beauty of Hawaii and adorn it on your special day. Planning your flower crowns can be a fun experience for your bridal team. Whichever you want, wedding Haku Leis are a fantastic way to share love and joy on your wedding day. 

Bring the spirit of Hawaii to your wedding, send us an image of your favorite ones to recreate, or begin from scratch with our creative team to make it unique to your ceremony. As a symbol of love and respect,  we will give you only the best because it’s what you deserve.  If you are not sure of what to make, find some inspirations in our catalog and contact us to make it happen for you. 

Contact us today for your Haku Lei needs for your Hawaii or Big Island wedding. 

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