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​Our Process:

  1. You pick a package and a date

  2. You receive a welcome email with all the details

  3. We work together to bring your dream Hawaii wedding to life!


Have a few more questions? Browse Our FAQ below, and don't be afraid to reach out:

  • Does the "1 hour of photos" service include the time before, during and after the ceremony?
    Yes, the one-hour photo session covers before, during, and after the ceremony. Photography starts just before the ceremony for "first look" photos, continues through the 20-40 minute ceremony, and concludes with a 30-minute to 1-hour post-ceremony session, all depending on your package choice.
  • What services does Aloha Beach Weddings offer?
    Every package offers planning and coordination, a wedding officiant, bride and groom leis, vows exchange, rings exchange, leis exchange ceremony, Pu conch shell blowing, complimentary photography with your equipment, an Aloha Beach Weddings Certificate, location permit, assistance with marriage license applications, marriage license submission to the State of Hawaii, and unlimited emails.
  • Can additional services be added to the wedding packages?
    Yes, additional services such as professional photography and cinematography, floral arrangements (custom-made bouquets, lei, haku, boutonniere, flower circle on the sand), music (ukulele, harp, or violin), and traditional Hawaiian hula dancer can be added.
  • What are the best times of day for a beach wedding ceremony on the Big Island?
    We offer two options for your beach wedding ceremony on the Big Island: Morning Ceremony (before 10 am): Benefits: Stunning turquoise water backdrop Clear sky Fewer people on the beach for a more intimate setting Cooler temperatures for guests' comfort Sunset Ceremony (after 3 pm): Benefits: Golden hour light for stunning photography with a memorable Kona sunset backdrop Romantic atmosphere We generally advise against ceremonies between 10 am and 3 pm due to: Intense sun and heat, which can be uncomfortable for guests and lead to sunburn. Challenging lighting conditions for photography, potentially impacting the final photos. However, our professional photographers are skilled in editing and can enhance your photos regardless of the ceremony time. Ultimately, the best time for your ceremony depends on your personal preferences and priorities. We encourage you to discuss both options and choose the one that best suits your vision for your special day.
  • Can we book your services for multiple couples on the same day?
    Yes, we offer the unique option to accommodate multiple couples on the same wedding day for an additional fee. This service is perfect for double weddings or for friends who wish to celebrate their special day together. Please contact us to get started booking:
  • Do you conduct ceremonies on holidays?
    Yes, weddings booked on holidays are subject to our holiday rates. These rates account for the increased demand and additional costs associated with hosting an event on these special dates. Holiday rates ensure that we can maintain the high level of service and attention to detail that your wedding deserves, even during busy periods.
  • Do you offer Hawaiian or Christian ceremonies?
    In my ceremonies, I integrate Hawaiian traditions such as conch shell blowing and leis exchange, along with a brief discussion on the significance of Aloha in marriage, to create a Hawaiian-style wedding experience. These elements are included in every ceremony. I also include the traditional exchange of vows and rings. For Christian ceremonies, I include a brief prayer, and the vows are tailored accordingly. If you prefer, I can incorporate your choice of prayer and/or vows into the ceremony as well. I am open to incorporating any spiritual reading of your choosing into your wedding ceremony.
  • Should we choose a morning or sunset ceremony?
    Choosing between a morning and a sunset ceremony ultimately depends on your preference for the backdrop and lighting of your wedding photos. Morning ceremonies offer a vibrant turquoise sea and clear skies with the added benefit of fewer people on the beach. Sunset weddings, on the other hand, provide the stunning ambiance of the golden hour and a memorable Kona sunset. Both times promise beautiful opportunities for your wedding photoshoots. However, we advise against scheduling your ceremony between 10 am and 3 pm due to the intense heat, sunlight, and the likelihood of guests becoming uncomfortable with sweat and sunburn. Regardless of the ceremony time, our professional photographers will ensure your photos are beautifully enhanced during the editing process to capture your day in the best light possible.
  • Should we have our wedding on a weekend or a weekday?
    We recommend scheduling your ceremony on a weekday, as weekends and Friday evenings tend to see the beaches at their busiest. This is especially true during the peak seasons from June to September and December to January. Opting for a weekday ceremony ensures a more intimate setting with fewer crowds, allowing for a serene and beautiful backdrop for your special day.
  • Can we have a ceremony officiated in Russian or have translators for Spanish and Chinese?
    Yes, we offer the unique service of a Russian-speaking officiant for your ceremony. Additionally, we have translators available for Spanish and Chinese, ensuring clear communication and an inclusive experience for you and your guests. Please note that these specialized services come with an additional fee.
  • Can you customize the wedding service packages?
    Yes, our packages are customizable to make your day just the way you want it. Please contact us if you would like to add or remove items or services such as flowers, specific ceremonies, photography/videography, light refreshments, and more.
  • Do you perform same-sex wedding ceremonies?
    Absolutely! We are honored to provide our services to all couples, regardless of gender.
  • What are your recommended beach locations for ceremonies on the Big Island?
    Our recommended beaches include Kukio Beach at the Four Seasons property, Coconut Grove and Pauoa Bay beaches at Fairmont Orchid Resort. Visit our Island Venues page to see beautiful high-resolution photos and details about these beaches:
  • Are there any restrictions or permits required for beach weddings?
    The maximum number of people allowed is 30, including the officiant and photographer, as per local safety order. For larger gatherings, a private venue is suggested. Travel fees apply for certain locations. Aloha Beach Weddings will handle the beach permit, except for specific beaches like Hapuna Beach, Mahai’ula white sand beach, Kiholo Bay, and Volcano National Park, where the client must apply.
  • I see an "Adventure Fee" listed for some beaches - what is that?
    A few specific beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii, including Mahai'ula Beach, Kehena Beach, and Kee'i Beach, have an additional "Adventure Fee". This fee helps maintain these remote and often pristine locations. Please note: Both Mahai'ula and Kee'i Beaches also require an off-road vehicle with high clearance to reach due to the road conditions.
  • Are there any additional fees associated with visiting other parts of the Big Island away from Kona?
    Yes, there are additional travel fees to locations outside of West Hawaii: Hilo to the east, Puna to the south, and Hawi to the north.
  • Can we have our wedding ceremony on another Hawaiian island besides the Big Island?
    Absolutely! We can help you arrange your dream wedding ceremony on one of our beautiful neighboring islands Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. Our wedding packages for these locations start at $1000. Please note that travel time between islands typically takes around 40 minutes by plane. Please use our contact form to get in touch about this special request.
  • What is the process for obtaining a marriage license in Hawaii?
    Couples must apply online for a marriage license at the State of Hawaii website, schedule an appointment with a marriage license agent on the Big Island (or other Hawaiian islands if visiting), and meet the agent to verify their identity. The license is valid for 30 days and should be brought to the ceremony. If you book a ceremony through us, we will provide an email with additional details walking you through this process - it's easy! Please feel free to reference our detailed Hawaii Marriage License page for details as well:
  • What are the details of obtaining marriage license?
    Please apply online at the State of Hawaii website: A payment of $65 is required online. Fill up the application one month before the wedding date. The license is valid for 1 year after application, and once issued, it is valid for 30 days. After the ceremony, the license is submitted to the State of Hawaii and can be downloaded and printed in 3 business days, with a certified copy mailed in 4-6 weeks. Please feel free to reference our Hawaii Marriage License page for a full explanation of the process:
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